Birds Clean was born from an R & D project developed by WildLife EcoDesign, we have developed the first worldwide solution that prevents droppings falling on the façades without taking other measures such as house martins nests removal of the façades. This species is very beneficial to humans because they eat thousands of insects like mosquitoes and moths every day.

We provide technical assistance to municipalities and land managers in order to solve problems that bird species may be causing (storks, pigeons, swallows or house martins), always with an innovative approach that respects protected wildlife and solving these problems definitely. We also develop projects to improve biodiversity in parks, gardens and natural areas but also on farms.

Birds Clean is a group of birds and wildlife professionals and lovers that provides expertise on animal behavior to solve problems caused by birds or to help birds for other problems such as the use of birds for biological pest control.

Colonia de avión común

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