This system prevents dirt on buildings’ façade caused by the presence of birds. This innovative system prevents droppings falling from the higher areas of the building where the birds nest or roost without removing nests or taking other complex solutions.

It is specially designed to solve the problem caused by house martins colonies, protected species and very beneficial bird for human being as every couple can eat between 1,500 and 2,000 insects a day. Thus, these bird species is a natural insecticide without economic or health cost.

Imagen explicativa Birds Clean2

Removing nests of protected species in Spain may lead to wildlife crime and prosecution.

However, this structure is not only suitable for the problem caused by house martins. The structure can adapt to any other species, such as swifts, pigeons or bats which also get buildings’ façace dirty and can be installed at any height and using a lot of colors.

We have developed two variants of installation based on the number of nests in the building, Birds Clean Simple (as tested avoids falling 87% of excrement on the facade) and Birds Clean plus (avoiding the drop of almost 98% of excrement):

Birds Clean Simple:


Birds Clean Plus:


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