The deep knowledge of ecological processes as well as the creativity that has the Birds Clean staff makes the use of innovative projects that can help you achieve amazing results with the most effective techniques.

Birds Clean can help you in the following projects:

  • Advice to solve the problems caused by the birds in urban environments (communities of neighbors, urbanizations).
  • We help you make the best environmental decisions for the rehabilitation of historic buildings in the multitude of protected birds usually settled.
  • We carry out biodiversity improvement projects to increase populations of beneficial species and reduce harmful losses:
    • Biological control of pests
    • Control of exotic species
    • Increase of beneficial populations in farms, parks of garden for the enjoyment of the people or like reclamation for the ornithological tourism.
  • We carry out projects of restoration of farms and works to return them to their original state.
  • We help you to carry out your landscaping projects in gardening, natural gardens as well as green decks in order to become places to enjoy our species of native wildlife.